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A goal, a lockdown, and a new beginning

So we are now at the end of June 2020, and the first half of this year was rather hectic. The Coronavirus outbreak and the global lockdown that followed offered a chance for a lot of us to take the time to evaluate our choices in life and upgrade our skills. While others might perceive this pandemic as something dreadful, I found in it an opportunity to really tackle a goal I set for myself: self-discovery. No shame in saying that like most of us, I enjoy saying: 'This year I will exercise more' or any other vain promises. However, 2020 seemed different. I genuinely wanted to do something for my personal growth. That is why I chose to go back to my old habit of reading but added a little challenge to motivate myself. I ended up settling for the simple one month/one book. So far, so good, even if I am a little behind my program, I read more books than last year and found my passion back. I will share my reading and review in another post.

Apart from reading, I set myself another goal, which was to write more. The lockdown helped me recognized that something was missing in my routine. I used to have a journal to write about my day and have a conversation with myself - some sort of introspection. I think we all go through this at some point; we create a routine or a habit and then, things happen: an overload of work, family issues, the weather changes, the motivation vanishes. So I got lost in the daily race. Soon I started telling myself that writing would become this stored passion that I sometimes look back on. Things work out strangely, and as an answer to my doubts, the pandemic began, and the lockdown forced me to stop working for a month. I now had the time to do some introspection and dig deeper. I realized that I didn't need to write every day; instead, I could just do it once in a while, sharing my experience with the books I was reading at the time. That is how the idea of creating a blog came. I know the thought of having a blog might sound old fashioned for some, but, for me, 2020 is a year of self-discovery. Who knows, this might take me to unknown territory or join the graveyard of empty promises I made to myself. The only way for me to find out is by doing it and writing for my sole pleasure.

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